Attention: Female entrepreneurs, mom-entrepreneurs, and every career girl and mom who feels that  excess weight and lack of fitness are interfering with her professional success and family happiness. 
Attention: Female entrepreneurs, mom-entrepreneurs, and every career girl and mom who feels that excess weight and lack of fitness are interfering with her professional success and family happiness. 
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Perfect Tights®.
the simple, yet most powerful way to jump start your fitness. 
Imagine a Perfect World. Every time you look down you see … a Pair of Perfect Legs... YOUR LEGS! 
This world is just one pair away. One pair of Perfect Tights®. -
Julia Antufjew I Fashion Inventor I Germany
Perfect Tights® is Different.
Comfy to wear. Easy to care. Boosts your energy. 
Helps women to beat fatigue, have more energy in life, start exercising, and turns your fitness program to success.
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Why People Love Perfect Tights®.

How Do They Work?
The inventor's secret and other questions.
Q1: How does it work? What is the science behind it?
A1: Perfect Tights® is a patent pending leg wear 'soaked' into castor oil. The castor oil is baked into the fabric. We have entrapped the castor oil in the tiny pockets called micro capsules. Then we have woven these micro capsules into the fabric of the tights. When you wear the tights, the little pockets of castor oil break open and gradually release tiny portions of the oil that are instantly absorbed by your skin. You never feel it happening. It’s going to reduce your fatigue and give you the extra energy to jump-start your fitness.

Q2: Why is Castor Oil good for me?
A2: Castor oil lessens fatigue and minimizes muscle pain after exercise if applied directly to you skin. With the new found energy you are more likely to start exercising, improve your fitness or simply get more done in a day.

Q3: How does Perfect Tights® help me?
A3: Most women don't exercise and don't practice necessary self care because we are too exhausted. Next to taking care of our family and business - we have no extra energy for ourselves, our health, out fitness. Perfect Tights® helps women to beat fatigue, have more energy in life and turn any fitness program to success.

Q4: How to wear Perfect Tights® for maximum effect?
A4: Wear Perfect Tights® each day for 6 to 10 hours during day and during exercise. From the first day of wearing you may feel your energy levels increase. It may feel as if you just had an espresso. Once there - consult your doctor about adding 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine. On day 6 you may notice that your food cravings for processed foods start to diminish. At this point we recommend you start avoiding processed foods.

Q5: What exercise works best with Perfect Tights®?
A5: You can do any exercise you love. We highly recommend rope jumping or trampoline jumping as the most effective and easy exercise in the world.

Q6: How to choose my size?
A6: Perfect Tights® is a highly stretchable and mildly compressing garment. We have three sizes - S, M and L, fitting women with hip circumference from 34 2/3" to 60 5/8". It is a very wide range. Measure your hip around the fullest part and use the Perfect Tights® size chart to choose your size. If you are between the sizes - take one which is larger.
Q7: How does castor oil stay in the fabric?
A7: We have entrapped the castor oil in the tiny pockets called micro capsules. In the fabric world, this technology is used to create tiny pockets of fragrance for hand towels and other scented items. When you use the towel, the micro-capsules break open and release their scent into the air. In our Perfect Tights®, we didn’t put fragrance into those tiny pockets. We put in healthy components that will help you jump start your fitness in a fun and easy way!

Q8: How long does castor oil stay in the fabric?
A8: The effect of castor oil lasts around 90 days or 30 cold hand washes, whichever happens first. Our experience shows that 90 days is enough time to rid of fatigue, start exercising regularly, change your eating habits and claim back your fitness. Your Perfect Tights® can be worn far beyond this time frame.

Q9: How do I care for Perfect Tights®?
A9: Wash Perfect Tights® every second or third time after wearing. Wash separately from all other garments, using a cold hand wash. Do not use washing powder of fabric conditioner. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Line dry without delay and out of direct sunlight. Do not wear wet.

Q10: I live in a hot climate. Will Perfect Tights® be too hot to wear?
A10: Perfect Tights is highly moisture wicking and creates a cooling effect if worn in a warm climate. We have great experiences with women wearing Perfect Tights® in the hot climate of South China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Q11: Can I wear Perfect Tights in winter?
A11: You can wear Perfect Tights® until thermometer hits the freezing point, after which you will need to wear a second layer on the top of the tights to keep warm.

Q12: What if I bought the wrong size?
A12: You may exchange your size.

Q13: What if I want to return the tights?
A13: Simply follow our easy return procedure within 30 days after you've received your tights.
In our Perfect Tights®, we didn’t put fragrance into those tiny pockets. We put in healthy components that will help you jump start your fitness in a fun and easy way!
Do you have any further questions? We love answering them! Please write to us at!
What Our Customers Say About Perfect Tights®.
Don't take our word, see our testimonials.

Happy me - happy family!

Perfect Tights® keep me going! After losing 20 pounds and getting fit with Perfect Tights® - I am feel like myself again. I feel more confident, more energetic, more relaxed. Even my business and family life improved, because I feel better about myself every day.


They are freaking perfect!

Finally, picked up my Perfect Tights® in Hong Kong! And they are freaking perfect! I've been wearing them every day. Thank you so much!!!


The only pair of tights that make my butt look 25 again!

I wear my Perfect Tights® not only for sport, but for any occasion as for they always fit and they are always perfect. I get a lot of compliments and never regret I bought them. They look as good as on the first day thanks to the quality. I consider them as a 'must have' item!


I've got many compliments!

I love the tights, and so many people complement them, without even knowing their magic powers. I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks, from 192 lbs to 183 lbs. Thank you very much!


It works for me.

The best feature of Perfect Tights® is overall comfort and easiness to use plus they keep me focused on my healthier lifestyle.
My total weight loss target is around 100 lbs. I know already that this time it will work because I am already 33 pounds down and soon ready to get a smaller size of Perfect Tights®.

Perfect Tights® Is The Simple, Yet Most Powerful Way To Jump Start Your Fitness

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